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Excerpts of a letter from Sara Jane Pierce to her husband Hiram Dwight Pierce

March 10, 1850

My dear Husband,

   … Oh what a life of uncertainties, for believe me while I write I am expecting you in spite of all my efforts to shake off the idea and at the same time you may be laid low in the grave. Only think the last letter I received was dated Oct 28th and you were sick and all I could do was to commend you to (the) care of an all wise god, could I but see you and know how you enjoy your Sabbaths, how pleasant it would seem to enjoy your society once more. … We continue family worship in our weak way, and you may be sure we do not forget you in our meetings, I have heard most earnest prayers offered up on your behalf, even the dear children inquire earnestly after their kind Superintendent and send their love to you. … Our family are usually well except Sister Ann. She has been troubled with a severe pain in her side, for some time, Doctor Door bled her and although she is not able to sit up we are in hopes she will be better soon, Mother has a bad cough but not near as bad as last winter … Uncle Eben is a little better, although I think he is not long for this world, he has made his will about a month ago.

   … I hope to get a letter form you or see you I hope the latter, but I must be patient and wait till you think best, may God enable you to come soon. Have you seen Brother Harlow yet or received the letters I sent by him, I have wrote every month and some times twice, I have sent quite a number of papers but of late I though if you could not get the letters you certainly could not get papers so I have not sent any of late, I know not what to write I am tired of repetition.

   … Oh my dear husband, I have just been down street to get a letter from you, but return disappointed, … I hope you will be careful of yourself, keep close to the bleeding side of the Savior and may you not only be able to workout your own salvation with fear and trembling but also be the humble instrument under God of bringing many to the foot of the cross. … may God bless you, permit you soon to return, is the earnest prayer of your ever faithful wife.

Excerpts of a letter from Sara Jane Pierce to her husband Hiram Dwight Pierce.
Courtesy California State Library

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